A private, white-glove relationship to elevate the pillars of your life - love, sex, wealth, and purpose. I dedicate a portion of my intuitive channel to you and work behind the scenes to recode your reality and unlock the most globally impactful, soul-fulfilled, psychically activated, orgasmic, prosperous expression of YOU. 

Includes 1:1 sessions, private communication, and hands-on in-person immersion. This is where miracles happen.

Fill out these questions and don’t hold back! I personally read your answers and will reach out for next steps.

Just want a single 1:1 session? When spots open, we email everyone who has submitted an application to have first access to book. We can discuss longer term mentorship at the end of the session if that is the aligned next step. Let's do the damn thing. Your destiny awaits ✨

"If you have the opportunity to work with her in any capacity, it is worth every single penny."

- Kristen, Coach

 "Transformation is inevitable. The major transformation point in my life became the “before Zaia” and “after Zaia."

- Jamie, Chief Accounting Officer

"I feel so embodied in my power. Thank you for helping me make my dreams a reality."

-Shea, Entrepreneur