Go-to Guidance when you need it the most. In 3 ways!



Three in one!

1. Divine guidance on demand in the Living Library. 

100+ guided healings, embodiment practices, rituals, and activations at your fingertips to alchemize emotions, break limiting patterns, and find your own answers…. In real time. With an app! So you can get your own answers while taking a bath. You’re welcome.

2. Live monthly channeling calls

Energy updates, healings, and Q+A to guide you through your expansion and your contraction.

3. Soul family community

The spiritual journey can be lonely when you’re focused on healing and evolution. Here, you can share your wtf experiences with people who get it. Ask for and receive support. Submit Q’s for the live channelings. This is your tribe. These are your people.


Self-paced experiences for evolution at any level.


Soul Evolution

Self-healing and intuitive-development accelerator.

Develop strong energetic boundaries, an intimate relationship with your Higher Self, channel your own spiritual guidance, alchemize emotions, break toxic patterns, and so much more. Ten years of my own spiritual and intuitive awakening is condensed into this course as a roadmap for you to follow. I’ll guide you through your soul’s next evolution, regardless of where you’re starting from.

This should be required learning for the New Earth."


Sex Codes

Modern day sex ed mystery school.

Learn the quantum dynamics of sexual energy, and how it relates to love, sex, money, and power. This 8-week course helps you embody masculine and feminine energetics to harness your sacred sexual power. Unlock your fullest sexual expression, amplify sexual chemistry, deepen intimacy, explore dark desires, and use sex magic as an ascension tool - within yourself or with a partner. 

For anyone who knows that sex is more than just sex, we’re bringing the sacred back to the sexual. 

“I experienced both physical and spiritual ecstasy.”


Quantum Creation

Soul purpose and the quantum field.

A 10-week experiential journey where soul, sex, and science converge. First… access your next Divine Assignment in your Akashic Records. Then… make love to the quantum field, open a portal, anchor a new timeline, and master the money frequency… to create it. 

For those who know there’s more than what we’ve been taught about manifestation and are ready to embody Creator Consciousness… this is for you. 

“The fabric of my reality has shifted.”


If you manage to find Zaia, it’s fully meant to be.

"If you manage to find Zaia, it’s fully meant to be. I have taken two of her courses and each one has led me through a journey of unlocking my gifts, owning my purpose, and somehow increasing my revenue…her work is no joke but an absolute ride when you go through it!"


Whatever she's offering, sign up for it.

"The power of the container Zaia holds is unparalleled. She gives you a giant power boost to reach the parts of yourself you’ve been trying to reach. Zaia is a safe space for rebirthing. The people she calls into the space with you… these are your people.
You will get spoiled. Your standards for all future teachers will be raised astronomically. I highly recommend Zaia. Whatever she’s offering, sign up for it. You won't regret it and you’ll be very proud of the person that you are on the other side

Chief Accounting Officer

I experienced both physical and spiritual ecstasy.

"I’ve never experienced such a profound sexual encounter. I had multiple orgasms. I got a download as I orgasmed. I was receiving the answer to everything. I experienced both physical and spiritual ecstasy."

CEO + Mom
Kristen Jenna,

it is worth every single penny.

"If you have the opportunity to work with her in any capacity, it is worth every single penny, every single second, every single ounce of energy. She is an absolute angel and I can not recommend her enough."

Kristen Jenna,
Manifestation Coach @pursuitofbliss_

Personalized Mentorship

The crème de la crème…


Ascension Mastermind

Quantum leap with your new best friends.

A 6-month intimate group mentorship with channeled guidance & soul family support to land in a higher octave of your life. 

Get bi-weekly group calls, personal 1-on-1 sessions, and a Voxer messenger group for the best of both worlds between personalized and community support.  And a peak experience in-person retreat at the end!


Oracle Concierge

The Royal Treatment.

A private, year-long, whiteglove relationship for bespoke prophesy and strategy to elevate the pillars of your life - love, sex, wealth, and purpose. I dedicate a portion of my intuitive channel to you for a year to recode your reality and unlock the most globally impactful, soul-fulfilling, psychically activated, orgasmic, prosperous expression of YOU. 

Includes remote sessions, private communication, and hands-on in-person immersion. This is where miracles happen.


It has transformed all aspects of my life.

It has transformed all aspects of my life. Relationships with others and myself, abundance, my job, and creating in new ways that are really fulfilling for me.”

VP Strategic Partnerships + Mom

I was taken from one level and upgraded to the next.

"It literally changed my life. Zaia came into my life out of nowhere and I just knew “hell yes, you have to work with her.” It’s just magic what happens. You start restructuring on a cellular, energetic level. There are so many things that don’t make logical sense. A year and a half later I’m still enjoying the benefits. It changed me forever, opened me to a completely different reality. I was taken from one level and upgraded to the next."



“I feel reborn. I was in a dark place and felt suffocated by my story and past around finances. Zaia guided me and I discovered the key to my freedom. My income increased 600%. And Doubled the first week! I have full faith in my power now. There’s no going back. I’m here to create magic and I intend to show my gratitude by being in service to humanity. I have arrived!”

Holistic Health Coach + Mom

Our marriage is stronger and more alive than it's ever been.

“I had never invested in anything like this before, but I knew I had to take that leap and follow my soul’s urge. It took both my husband and I leaning into our edge and breaking an old pattern with money to even enter this container. But we will both say that we would do it over in a heartbeat. This experience forever changed both of us and our marriage is stronger and more alive than it’s ever been because we said yes!”


I am magnetizing money way faster and easier.

“I have more money even as I make big purchases (home remodel, private school, vacations, and the $$$ I happily and gratefully pay you). I am magnetizing money way faster and easier. My tmj and hip/pelvic floor pain has been improving daily due to the emotional releases I’ve been making with you. I don’t even have food cravings anymore! Thank you for your guidance!”

Entrepreneur + Mom