YOUR LEGACY NEEDS YOU TURNED ON... Intuitively, Erotically, Financially.

As someone who spent years deep in the corporate sphere at some of the world’s largest companies - first as a sales executive and financial advisor, then as the executives’ coach - I’ve witnessed firsthand why so many leaders, relationships, and organizations stagnate, while others innovate and thrive. Both personally and professionally.

It became clear that there was a major gap widening between personal values and corporate culture. Amidst a global awakening of people seeking to break free from the patterns that have kept them stuck at status quo… companies have maintained outdated models of business and behavior that force people to conform to fit in a box at work that doesn’t match the truth of who they are at home.

This “inauthenticity dilemma” results in communication breakdowns that lower production, black and white thinking that limits creative innovation, and reactionary behavior that leads to costly poor decisions and damaged relationships. Let alone the myriad of personal issues that show up at home and in your intimate life.

 What shows up in the boardroom shows up in the bedroom.

I was able to trace almost every "problem" someone was facing to their relationship with their Intuition (with accesses infinite data) or Eroticism (which accesses infinite creative potential). 

Suppressing these higher intelligences severely limits the data we are able to process, the creativity we are able to harness, and the intimate connection we can have with ourselves and others.

When we harness Intuitive & Erotic Intelligence, a new model of personal and professional success emerges. We experience creative innovation, personal fulfillment, authentic expression, grounded confidence, sustainable success, and thriving relationships... at work and at home.

Denying our Intuition & Erotic Energy poses a genuine threat to a sustainable future.











  • I helped win a $20M deal by intuitively reading the energy of the buyer and interrupting my colleague to pivot the conversation. It was a moment.
  • Teaching Intuitive Development to c-suite leaders while working in Finance is what launched my career as an Oracle. 
  • I started channeling quantum physics in 2021, having no background in science. Quantum reality is now fundamental to my work, and a primary lens that I look through.
  • Private clients range from CEO's, Founders, and Entrepreneurs, to Thought leaders and celebrities.
  • Sexual Sovereignty is my fan favorite workshop, which has been featured at Aubrey Marcus' retreat and at Soho House.
  • I was a born intuitive with the gift of prophecy. I shut it down at a young age out of fear, and it flipped back online in my early 20s. Ever since, I have let it guide my life with a 100% success rate.


  • Zaia travels from Austin, Texas where she basks in nature, is a cat mom to Priestess, dances hip-hop and swing, and is a total hype girl to her global clientele.
  • She loves speaking on big stages and mentoring in intimate spaces. Teaching workshops are the best of both worlds! Reach out to book her for your next conference or retreat.
  • Personal Empowerment, Intuitive Development, Erotic Intimacy, Creative Innovation, Sales, and Relationships are the most common topics that people hire Zaia for.